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January 15, 2013
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THE CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!!!! I'm going to judge all the entries and hopefully get them put out there tonight!!!

Hello!!! :la: I'm hosting a contest and a giveaway all in one!!!

If you love to draw or love to win points, carry on reading ;)

I have two new oc's in my story The Perfect Storm. Your job? Simple! Draw them!

:new:More feature and art prizes!!! :iconcannotevenplz::new:
Total prize count for the contest alone: 400 :points:, llamas from 12 accounts, watches from 2 accounts, 16+ art prizes, an awesome Winner's Package, and 17 features! :la:



:bulletred:You MUST draw both of these characters together or I will not accept your entry!!!

:bulletorange:You don't have to draw a background, but if you do it will earn you a better score!

:bulletyellow:You must note me a link to your submission no later than February 17th, 2013. I will no longer accept requests to extend the date, sorry :no:

:bulletgreen:I don't have any drawings of these characters yet, but I have descriptions of them here: Feel free to note me with any questions!

:bulletblue:I'll accept any art medium except for literature. ;) That's my job!


:star:PLEASE contact me if you're able to donate any type of prizes!!! :la: I really want there to be a large amount of winners and participants, so the prizes have to be AWESOME!:star:

:bulletpurple:One prize not categorized under the others is a Winner's Package from AnotherContestGroup! :D

PM prizes-

:bulletred:Hopefully we'll get some of these... ;)

:points: prizes-

:bulletorange:The grand prize winner will recieve 100 :points: from me and 100 :points: from Alex-Blaszczynski!
:bulletorange:The runner-up will recieve 50 :points: from me and 50 :points: from Alex-Blaszczynski!
:bulletorange:The third-placer will recieve 25 :points: from me and 25 :points: from Alex-Blaszczynski!
:bulletorange:The fourth-placer will recieve 15 :points: from me and 15 :points: from Alex-Blaszczynski!
:bulletorange:And the fifth-placer will recieve 10 :points: from me and 10 :points: from Alex-Blaszczynski!

:llama: prizes-

:bulletyellow:Every entrant will recieve a llama from me, TinaChii(who will also give a second llama to the grand prize winner), and Alex-Blaszczynski!
:bulletyellow:The first five winners will recieve a llama from MaidenStar, AlwaysHappys!
:bulletyellow:Every entrant will recieve a llama from cardcaptor-eternity and the first five winners will recieve two (one on another account)!
:bulletyellow:The first two winners will recieve a llama from lexxii and TWO llamas from Bubblesdb!
:bulletyellow:The grand prize winner will reiceve a llama from Arlesienne!
:bulletyellow:The 3rd - 5th placers will recieve a llama from PrincessCherry-san!

:+devwatch: prizes-

:bulletwhite:Every entrant will recieve a watch from TinaChii and she will give the grand prize winner a second watch from the account ShugoCharaAmuchan!
:bulletwhite:All five winners will recieve a watch from me!

:gallery: prizes-

:bulletgreen:The first five winners will recieve a free short story/poem commission from me!
:bulletgreen:The grand prize winner will recieve a drawing (digital or traditional) from bandgeek4evur!
:bulletgreen:The grand prize winner will recieve a request from Serenity-Fantasy using any lineart adopt of their choice!
:bulletgreen:The grand prize winner will recieve a free digital headshot anime commission, the runner-up will recieve a free headshot lineart commission, and the third-placer will recieve a quick bust sketch from NestOfDreams!
:bulletgreen:PrincessCherry-san will give the grand prize winner two icons and five requests, the runner-up one icon and four requests, and the 3rd - 5th placers each one icon and three requests!!! :aww:
:bulletgreen:The first five winners will recieve a personalized piece of art from I-Am-Lady-Timeless!
:new::bulletgreen:The grand prize winner will recieve a colored chibi with background, the runner up will recieve a colored chibi, and the third-placer will recieve a chibi sketch from cutekawaii96!

Feature prizes-

:bulletblue:The first five winners will recieve a journal feature from me, rainylake, MaidenStar, fluf-studios, :new:I-Am-Lady-Timeless!
:bulletblue:The grand prize winner will recieve a journal feature from bandgeek4evur, AlwaysHappys!
:bulletblue:fluf-studios will also feature the top five winners on their profile page for this amount of time: grand prize winner: two years, runner-up: a year and a half, third-placer: a year, fourth-placer: six months, fifth-placer: three months!
:bulletblue:Features on the account dAEarnPoints donated by TinaChii for this amount of time: grand prize winner: five months, runner-up: three months, third-placer: one month, fourth-placer: three weeks, fifth-placer: two weeks, every other entrant: one week!!!

Again, I'll accept any and all prizes graciously!!!! A major thank you to everyone who offers a prize, even if it's just some llamas!!! Note me or comment if you'd like to submit a prize :aww: *and you can submit a prize and participate in the contest!!!*

<da:thumb id="351479982"/>  The perfect storm by ruzovymonster My contest entry:Sailing in the moonlight by cutekawaii96 <da:thumb id="349791149"/> Entry for TheWritingDragon's Contest by poofyturtle Dancin in the Moonlight .:CE:. by Irish-GamerFelicia + Thatcher by DFReyes CE:A Perfect Storm by EternalDarkDragoness Contest by TaiyokoChan A Magical Night [Contest Entry] by cartoonartist <da:thumb id="353136884"/> TheWritingDragon's Contest Entry by msjacqattacq <da:thumb id="354139633"/> an argument on valentine's night by farlydatau I think I'm love with you... by Eltoras Felicia and Thatcher , Love is beautiful :) by cutekawaii96 Reunion by Greyfaerie4 Thathcer and Felicia by Hilarysparkle A perfect moment:entry for Thewritingdragon by AruoraOkami


You don't have to participate in the contest to participate in the giveaway!!! (but it ends the same day)
*I'm giving away :new: 50 :points: EACH to three lucky deviant using!!!* :la:

Here's all you have to do:

:bulletred:Fave this journal
:bulletorange:Write a journal about it (yeah I know, I hate doing it too)

Extra chances to win:

:bulletyellow:If you enter the contest, you get an extra slot for every entry ;)


1. The-Ota-King

2. lovebirdzzzzzzz

3. greed1995

4. MaidenStar

5. spinnerdolphin

6. angelfire8080

7. justarandomkid

8. xxfallenangelsxx

9. Clovis-cutestkitten

10. rachel163735

11. animelover0330

12. aj14sr

13. YAY-Productions

14. miki8263

15. of-the-skies

16. jonathanthegreat

17. xX-Fantasia

18. XxmimixX2

19. RadioactiveRuno

20. Kirby-tree

21. Karire

22. Elderxchildx6

23. cutekawaii96

24. charizardlover4

25. poofyturtle

26. RDSDanceQueen

27. SonicShadowLover4

28. MissingSkeleton

29. FlameDuhMew

30. poofyturtle

31. The-Land-Up-North

32. lmani

33. Malindafan2

34. HandMaidCafeAuLait

35. cutekawaii96

36. Squitopus

37. Aramitama5

38. Kida-neechan

39. ruzovymonster

40. rites-of-passage

41. CymbalCow

42. Ray-Coon

43. cutekawaii96

44. pain-au-chocolat

45. princesskirbystar

46. pain-au-chocolat

47. Hedwigs-art

48. DFReyes

49. EternalDarkDragoness

50. EternalDarkDragoness

51. meghan4658890

52. SourAir

53. Kca189

54. CutePlayfulFeet

55. luvemeera

56. sammiegirl5678

57. Aramitama5

58. cartoonartist

59. CarrotBunni

60. IzoldeDeith

61. msjacqattacq


63. Hells-Princess-Cra

64. farly08

65. Eltoras

66. cutekawaii96

67. Kiwiturtle0

68. GreyFaerie4

69. Hilarysparkle

70. AruoraOkami

71. AruoraOkami

That's all!!!! Thank you to everyone who even just reads this! Note me with questions or comments or concerns, please enter and spread the word about both the contest and the giveaway!!!!! :iconfriendlymushroomplz:

My contest and giveaway ;) ends February 16th, 2013. Contact me with any questions!!! FIVE DAYS LEFT!!!! :iconfoamymouthguyplz:

:new:I update it every now and then to notify my dev+watchers because the prizes are constantly increasing!!!
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I-Am-Lady-Timeless Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CONGRATZ to all the winners! I am working on your promised art prizes now! You should receive them within the week!
TheWritingDragon Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great, thank you!!! :love:
k-i-w-i-t-u-r-t-l-e Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For the giveaway> [link]
TheWritingDragon Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! You’ve got slot #67! :la: Good luck!
Greyfaerie4 Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Here is my drawing! [link]
Sorry for it being SOOOO late!
Greyfaerie4 Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I put my signature in the corner?
Irish-Gamer Feb 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hey, I was just wondering when you were gonna juj the contest, because I have been waiting really impatiently recently :XD:
mashimaro-love Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Here is the link for the drawing for the contest. >< I hope it's not late.
mashimaro-love Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Here is the link for the giveaway :D
AruoraOkami Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What time tomorrow does the contest end?
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